Dream Journal

Eileen's Weekly Diary!(Hopefully)

I've been thinking about making this for a few hours now and I honestly just wanna do something so I can constantly add to my website.

I'll probably be adding a new entry every Sunday :-P

November 16th, 2023


July 11th, 2022

So yeah. That was a hell of a week. The fourth rolls in, it ends up being the day thaty workplace decided to make us close late. Here I am working with a new girl that I honest to god think is retarded, although I was working with my favorite manager so not all hope was lost. I visited my father a few days later, that was wholesome. I ended up staying up one night due to a migraine and puked my guts out at work as well, yipee...

And to top off this festering wound of a week, one of my coworkers called out, and no one replaced him, so it was basically 2 kitchen people, two cashiers at my workplace. ALL OF A FUCKING SUDDEN WHEN I CLOCKED IN AS THE SECOND KITCHEN PERSON THE WHOLE ASS FUCKING POPULATION OF VATICAN CITY FUCKING CRUSADES MY WORKPLACE. BUSY AS FUCK FROM 10:30 AM TO 3:00 PM. Yet people wonder why I'm so sour towards Christians. I fucking hate Sundays. On the plus side I'm getting a really cool watch. That's about it.

July 3rd, 2022

Well while I was at work I was attacked by my coworkers with a nerd gun. after I closed the store I threw a ton of pints of water at them. I then bought a ton of Nerf pistols to shoot that son of a bitch the next moment I could. Can't wait for the Fourth I guess :-/

June 26, 2022

Pretty ok week honestly. Nothing really new besides working 4 to close with no morning shift.. grumble grumble. nothing really new either. just another week

June 19, 2022

Well I only had one day off last week and I basically worked beginning of the afternoon straight to close. Also one of my managers no call-no showed which absolutely fucked over my chances of getting a break. at least I had a break today, which I spent sleeping. Also I have a girlfriend now! So that's pretty cool. anyways Ciao

June 12, 2022

Honestly not a great week to begin this thing with but whatever. Spent half of it sick in bed, and the other half working my ass off. One person has quit my job, I lost one of my cats, and I had a splitting migraine Saturday, which ended up with me staying up until 6 in the morning and causing me to be half an hour late for work from oversleeping... Shit's pretty groovy, yo.